I, the undersigned owner or authorized agent of the owner of the below pet, desire to use this practice's ambulance transportation service for my pet's benefit and my convenience and, thus: consent to have the below named pet transported to another veterinary facility for ongoing or more intensive care and/or observation.

I have been advised and consent to the fact that my pet will be transported in a cage, unless he or she is too large for same, in which case he/she will be restrained via some other appropriate means. I accept that my pet may be transported with other animals in the vehicle (each in individual cages or separately restrained).

I hereby accept that the transportation of my pet to and/or from the follow-up veterinary facility will be at my own risk and that this veterinary practice is not responsible for the choice of or quality of medical care rendered after my pet arrives. In the absence of negligence, i agree to hold this facility and its employees and agents harmless from any and all injuries or medical deterioration that might occur during this transportation.

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