I have been informed of these potential side effects and understand that because of their occasional occurrence, my pet will be required to return to the hospital for intermittent physical examinations and/or diagnostic tests to minimize the chance for harm and/or to treat complications. I agree to return for these routine follow-up evaluations as directed. I also accept that it is my responsibility to contact hospital staff, inform them of any of side effects as soon as possible, and/or seek emergency care as needed or directed.

I hereby consent to the administration of this drug to my pet and, in the absence of negligence, agree to hold the doctors and staff at this practice harmless for the use of such drug. I agree to pay all cost for the diagnostic efforts and treatments required to treat any adverse effects.

I understand that many drugs carry with them the risk of undesirable side effects and that veterinary medicine is an inexact science. The drug being prescribed in this situation has been used safely and effectively to treat this condition in many other animals. However, a small percentage of patients can experience serious adverse effects from its use, up to and including death.

I understand that the drug specified below has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will be used under the direction of one or more of the doctors at this veterinary practice in an attempt to treat the medical condition(s) below described

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